2014 Men’s Level 6-10 State Championships Results

Congratulations to the WOGA Men’s Team Gymnasts on their accomplishments at the 2014 Level 6-10 Texas State Championships!

Level 6-10 Texas State Championships Highlights:

Level 6: 7-8 years

Bryce Gheisar: Vault/3T

Tate Denure: HiBar/3

Level 6: 9 years

Judge Madden: Vault/2T

Level 7: 9-10 years

Asher Hong: AA/1, Floor/2T, Pommel/1, Rings/3, PBars/1, HiBar/2T

Cameron Lee: AA/3, Pommel/3, Rings/1, PBars/2, HiBar/2T

Dallas Hale: Rings/2, Vault/3T, HiBar/1

Robert Goss: Vault/3T

Level 7: 11 years

Luke Thain: HiBar/3

Level 7 Team/1

JO Level 8: 11 years

Tyler Baron: Floor/1T, Pommel/3, Rings/1, Vault/3, AA/2

Noah Newfeld: Pommel/1, Rings/3, Vault/1, HiBar/1, AA/3

Phillip Myers: Floor/3, PBars/1T, HiBar/2

JO Level 8 Team-Plano/1

JE Level 8: 11-12 years

Lazarus Barnhill: Floor/1T, Vault/2, HiBar/2

Bucky McAlpine: Pommel/3

JE Level 8: 11-12 years: Technical Sequence

Lazarus Barnhill: HiBar/3T

Paras Sharma: HiBar/3T

JE Level 9: 13-14 years

David Pochinka: Pommel/1, Rings/1, HiBar/2, AA/3

Eric Deluna: Floor/3

JE Level 9: 13-14 years: Technical Sequence

David Pochinka: Pommel/1, Rings/3T, Vault/3T, PBars/2, HiBar/1, AA/2

Eric Deluna: Rings/3T

Alexander Kramer: Vault/3T

JE Level 10: 15-16 years

Fabian Deluna: Floor/2T, Rings/2, Vault/1T, PBars/2, HiBar/2, AA/1

Tristan Burke: Pommel/1, Rings/1, Vault/1T

JE Level 10: 17-18 years

Ryan Sheppard: Floor/1, Pommel/2, Rings/2, Vault/1, HiBar/1, AA/1

JE Level 10: 15-16 years & 17-18 years: Technical Sequence

Ryan Sheppard: Floor/1T, Pommel/1, Rings/1T, Vault/2T, PBars/1, HiBar/2, AA/1

Yaroslav Pochinka: Rings/3T, Vault/1, AA/3

Fabian Deluna: Rings/3T, PBars/2

JO Level 10 Team/2