2013 Keep Calm and Balance On Acro Meet Results

WOGA Acrobatics Optional and Compulsory Teams top the podium at 1st Local on April 14, 2013.
The WOGA Acrobatics team competed at the Keep Calm and Balance On meet hosted by Aerial Athletics.
Gold Medalists:
Lydia Webb and Axel Osborne (Junior Elite Mixed Pair)
Noa Arazi and Samuel Estep (Level 8 Mixed Pair 17+)
MeiLi Garza and Alex McGraw (Level 8 Mixed Pair 15-16)
Lia Arazi and Erin Volesky (Level 8 Women’s Pair 15-16)
Sarah Williamson and Riley Chimwala (Level 8 Women’s Pair 11-)
Abby Causey and Gama DeLuna (Level 6 Mixed Pair 15-16)
Lilly Tremblay, Makenzie Lang, and Lydia Koehler (Level 4 Women’s Group 11-)
Silver Medalists:
Makenzie Lang and Sarah Ramage (Level 4 Women’s Pair 12-14)
Sadie Beaudreau and Cooper Gigler (Level 4 Mixed Pair 11-)