WOGA Acro rocks the Acro Fiesta Challenge

On April 27 & 28, WOGA Acrobatics Team traveled to San Antonio to compete in the 2013 Acro Fiesta Challenge hosted by Acrobatic Gymnastics of San Antonio.  The team brought home 7 Gold medals, 3 Silver medals, and 1 Bronze.
Gold medalists:
Lydia Webb and Axel Osborne (Jr Elite MXP): Balance routine ,  Dynamic routineCombined routine
Noa Arazi and Samuel Estep (Level 8 MXP 17+) Balance routine, Dynamic routine
MeiLi Garza and Alex McGraw (Level 8 MXP 15-16) Balance routine, Dynamic routine
Sarah Williamson and Riley Chimwala (Level 8 WP 11-) Balance routine, Dynamic routine
Abby Causey and Gama DeLuna (Level 6 MXP 15-16) Combined routine
Sarah Ramage and Abby Boudreaux (Level 4 WP 15-16) Combined routine
Lilly Tremblay, Makenzie Lang, Lydia Koehler (Level 4 WG 11-) Combined routine
Silver medalists:
Lia Arazi and Erin Volesky (Level 8 WP 15-16) Balance routine, Dynamic routine
Makenzie Lang and Sarah Ramage (Level 4 WP 12-14) Combined routine
Sadie Beaudreau and Cooper Gigler (Level 4 MXP 11-) Combined routine
Bronze medalists:
Abigail Moriearty and Raque Mejia-Trujillo (Level 8 WP 12-14) Balance routine, Dynamic routine