WOGA Acrobatic Gymnasts Crowned National Champions

WOGA Acrobatics Team attended the 2012 Acrobatic Gymnastics National Championships in Detroit bringing home 3 National Titles.

National Champions: Lydia Webb and Axel Osborne; Sarah Williamson and Riley Chimwala; Mei Li Garza and Alex McGraw

Lydia Webb and Axel Osborne, Junior Elite Mixed Pair, had an outstanding competition winning the Gold medal for their Balance Routine, and Silver medals in Dynamic and All-Around.


Sarah Williamson and Riley Chimwala, Level 8 Women’s Pair, were crowned National Champions after two solid routines.

Mei Li Garza and Alex McGraw, Level 8 Mixed Pair, won their first National Championship after finishing with Silver in their last two Nationals.


Hannah Rhodes and Raquel Mejia-Trujillo, Level 7 Women’s Pair, competed in a field of 20 competitors qualifying 7th in prelims.  After competing first in Finals, they scored their highest score of the season and finished in an impressive 4th place.

Abigail Moriearty, Erin Volesky, and Raquel Mejia-Trujillo, Level 7 Women’s Group, placed 5th.

Bethany Webb and Samuel Estep, Level 8 Mixed Pair, placed 6th.

Abby Causey and Erin Volesky, Level 6 Women’s Pair, finished 9th.

Congratulations to the WOGA Acrobatics athletes on their accomplishments this 2012 competition season!