2013 Level 5 North State Meet Results

Congratulations to the WOGA team gymnasts on their exceptional accomplishments at the 2013 Level 5 North State Meet.

Level 5 North State Highlights:

Jr. A1
Skye Blakely: AA/1, Beam/1, Floor/1, Vault/3
Peyton Guziec: Bars/3, Beam/2, Floor/2
Jr. A2
Sophia Stevens: AA/2, Bars/2(T), Beam/3(T), Floor/2, Vault/1
Jr. A3
Hannah Tichenor: AA/1, Bars/1, Floor/1(T)
Jr. B1
Madison Baron: AA/2 (T), Beam/2, Floor/1
Kaya Haymann: Floor/3, Vault/3
Jr. B2
Kristin Archuleta: AA/1, Bars/1(T), Beam/1, Floor/2, Vault/2
Jr. C2
Sofia Moreno: Floor/3
Level 5 Large Team/3