2013 Pretty in Pink District Qualifier

Congratulations to all of the WOGA gymnasts for their outstanding performance at the 2013 Pretty in Pink District Qualifier September 28-29, 2013.
Full results may be found at: http://www.ibteam.org/meets_hosted.asp
Level 3 Jr. A
Lucy Tredennick: AA/1, Bars/1, Floor/1, Vault 2(T)
Lexi Weis: AA/2, Bars/2(T), Beam/3, Floor/2
Kaylee Funk: Floor/3, Vault/2(T)
Level 3 Jr. B
Lily Ford: AA/1, Bars/3(T), Beam/1(T), Floor/1(T), Vault/1(T)
Miriam Fease: AA/3, Bars/3(T), Beam/1(T), Floor/3, Vault/1(T)
Level 3 Jr. C
Kaelin Main: AA/1(T), Bars/3(T), Floor/1(T), Vault/1
Alyson Chu: AA/3, Bars/1, Beam/1, Floor/1(T)
Wendy Williams: Bars/3(T), Beam/3
Level 3 Sr. A
Hattie Speicher: AA/1(T), Bars/1, Floor/2(T)
Natalie Nechamkin: AA/1(T), Bars/2(T), Beam(1)
Kennedy Reid: AA/1(T), Vault/2(T)
Abby Brennan: Bars/2(T), Floor/1
Level 3 Sr. B
Jordan Willis: AA/1, Bars/1, Beam/2
Victoria Cluck: AA/2(T), Floor/1, Vault/2(T)
Savannah Simmonds: Beam/1
Level 4 Jr. A
Bailey Shea: AA/2, Bars/2, Floor/2, Vault/1
Level 4 Jr. B
Angelina Widmoser: AA/1, Bars/1, Beam/2, Floor/1, Vault/1(T)
Celia McLaughlin: AA/3, Bars/3(T), Beam/3, Floor/3
Emma Stem: Vault/3
Level 4 Jr. C
Jansen Morris: AA/1, Bars/2, Beam/3, Floor/1, Vault/3
Marisa Young: AA/2, Bars/3, Beam/1, Floor/2
Alexis Wood: AA/3, Vault/1
Gianna Reny: Beam/2, Floor/3
Savannah Graham: Bars/1, Vault/2
Level 4 Sr. A
Chloe Dominguez: AA/1, Bars/1, Beam/3, Floor/1, Vault/1
Rachel Schneider: AA/2, Bars/2(T), Beam/1, Vault/2
Savannah Hinze: AA/3, Floor/2(T)
Keyshla Rivera: Beam/2, Floor/2(T)
Camryn Adams: Bars/2(T), Vault/3
Level 5 Jr. A
Skye Blakely: AA/1, Bars/2, Beam/1, Floor/1, Vault/1
Sophia Stephens: AA/2, Bars/1, Beam/2, Floor/2(T), Vault/2
Peyton Guziec: AA/3, Bars/3, Beam/3, Vault/3
Anna Kate McCreary: Floor/2(T)
Level 5 Jr. B
Hannah Tichenor: AA/1, Bars/1, Beam/1, Vault/1
Berkley Ponce: AA/2, Bars/2, Beam/3, Floor/1
Madison Baron: Floor/2(T), Vault/2(T)
Level 5 Jr. C
Kristin Archuleta: AA/2, Beam/2, Floor/2, Vault/1
Level 5 Sr. A
Sofia Moreno: AA/2, Beam/1, Floor/2, Vault/2